Honza Bárta and his minerals

Honza Barta published on his blog biggest FAIL story in business yesterday . It is great how he openly describes all project and where there make a mistake. That number, which he crashed there, is pretty crazy. I got from him the same point of view longer time due to iCollege.

Leave from a comfort zone

Everybody is satisfied with being within their comfort zone. calmly hide somewhere, not to solve annoying phones, customer inquiries, tough businesses and everyday worries. But who wants to be more successful in a life compare to somebody else, he has to be able to step out of the comfort zone in most situations. Move in an uncomfortable zone is a key to a success in a life.

What do I lecture about at JU

Business on the Internet – Radek Bartuška, MBA, www.bartuska.cz

A practical lecture and a discussion with students about an impact of today’s technology and internet to not only our business conduct, our lives and concrete case studies of internet companies, which totally changed a current market and a business model of different sectors. (more…)

World of technology changes established markets

Nowadays fast moving era of technology moves a world and changes rules on established markets. It is almost unreal. A typical example is the current destroy of classic taxi (mafia) market in Prague and via the world of global company UBER Czech Republic and their clones.
UBER is something like McDonald’s in the taxi. In each city the same standard. I get off in Singapore at the airport and I know, what to expect.

Today’s way of a real business

Today there is a large group of people who does not appear too much, it is mostly an elderly generation, which more or less manage by a piece of market on local sand. It can be real estate, traditional offline, market companies, a niche market offline, etc. These people under their influence, capital and know-how have power and access to informations, which (and of course experience) their influence is still develop. You call them something like rich sponsors in a good sense.