Leave from a comfort zone

Everybody is satisfied with being within their comfort zone. calmly hide somewhere, not to solve annoying phones, customer inquiries, tough businesses and everyday worries. But who wants to be more successful in a life compare to somebody else, he has to be able to step out of the comfort zone in most situations. Move in an uncomfortable zone is a key to a success in a life.

In term of a subject of a comfort zone I recommend the book Petr Ludwig – The end of procrastination.

it is interesting, that it is much more easier for somebody to stand out from comfort zone as well as almost automatic, do not afraid to step out of a line and say your opinion, ring on a bell and sell your product. On the other hand for somebody almost impossible, ashamed, he does not want to step out of a comfort zone and talk to somebody and for example they are afraid of their own failure.

I have it somewhere in the middle. As a child I was so shy, Nobody did not teach me how to act in front of people and I even had a trouble to reach an authority at school. During the time I realized, that it is not good for life and I have to change it. There is still the imp in my mind, which dont not allow me to get out of the comfort zone easily, but I can suppress it. The great news is, that it can practised. Repeat, experiences and strong will.

Without that occasional discomfort, while leaving a comfort zone, I would not have had a great and beautiful wife, a wonderful son, a company, a contract, a super land for a future house and in my case not even an university degree. I would have been much worse in all areas of life and I probably have not achieved anything so far. On the other hand, at least in business I have a great challenge ahead of me and I have not achieved too much so far in business. There is a large space, where I still would like to come.

I have to in term of that a beautiful example. My friend sold his startup corporation this summer. Officially he constructed that startup three months and knew all time, what he wants and who buys it. As a result he did a tremendous success, because he made more than 10 millions, was at right time as well as at right place and had a lot of luck. That does not change a fact that it worked in an uncomfortable zone. He told me, that a tough negotiation with right people was crucial and it was all dedicated, the toughest business in an uncomfortable zone. He had to be able to get by right people and impress them. Absolute discomfort, head in a noose at one point all or nothing.

If you are afraid to talk to somebody, work out in tough conditions, excuse – do not a real business. At least at the moment. Start gradually, Train your uncomfortable zone and gain an experience.

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