CEBIT 2015 – our company on the trip

We work as much as possible in term of a area of smart homes (we prepare the showroom of the smart home in JVTP) and thanks to ARGO22 (we had from them free tickets), we decided to go to CEBIT. It is probably the biggest possible electronics exhibition in Europe. I was a little afraid of this event because of going with half of the company for 2 days and 3 nights to such a big event. It is far away by car (750 km from České Budějovice), what about the overnight, who will work the whole week in the company and what will impact on that … Well, finally it was absolutely the great decision and next year we are going to there again!

Do not take this article too much seriously, it is such a diversification. I want to show that we are not just guys from computers, boring and incapable of action. We did not go to CEBIT only to eat and have a fun. We went along a lot of stands, we talked to many very interesting people and we established enough contacts even including one real business. Our application for the current real project measurement and temperature control  of a residential building we showed more than hundred times and got the feedback. I have a lot of materials at my office, business cards and prepared tasks how to assign with the invested time in CEBIT. A life is not just about a work, sometimes it is great to have a fun! Perfectly it together. And we succeeded perfectly!

Brief description of the event:


4.00 p.m. – a final decision when and how we go

9.00 p.m. – I check a car if everything is alright, tailored mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, food, oil, euros

10.00 p.m. – I am going to try to sleep. Meanwhile Lukáš works at the office, afterwards he is going to sleep in the car. Ondra is already sleeping at home.He does not have a trouble in term of getting asleep at the time when my day begins.


01.00 a.m. – alarm rings me, but useless I am already on my feet, I have not closed my eyes so far. It will probably be a tough journey

01.30 a.m. – We leave from our office of JVTP where I pick guys up. There is the great mood. We talk  about a work until Ústí nad Labem.

04.00 a.m. – Germany. Motorway. The first stop. Then everybody are sleeping, Me too, but a cruise solves instead of me,it is fine, because there is nobody around.

06.09 a.m. – the traffic jam on the highway. It is still 300 km and now this. I fell asleep within 5 minutes, I hold the wheel. Ondra wakes me up after 40 minutes, that we hate to keep going. I wish I could sleep at the moment! I go very fast by car, it is necessary to catch up lost time.

07.45 a.m. – I am absolutely tired, at the petrol station Ondra starts driving a car instead of me and I wonder how I managed to come 100 km ahead of CEBIT by myself.

09.30 a.m. – we take pictures in front of the gate of CEBIT by ourself, we start thinking how we sell those 10 tickets from ARGO by the entrance for 30 EUR. There is the euphoria from the organization and the size of the event

morning – compared to the expectations we begin to miss the english business cards which are already left. It is still somebody who wants english business cards from us and we want them. Unbelievably a lot of interesting things! The smart thermostat TADO contacted us and  forthcoming competition about him.

afternoon – we discover the startup pavilion which is as big as the entire exhibition ground in České Budějovice. We walk around all startups and we talk to everybody. I thought, that I do not speak English. But suddenly I can make it happen.

5.00 p.m. – we go to the announcement in tem of the smart thermostat. We hope that we get there by ourself and the win will be ours. We are afraid of what they ask and how the competition goes. At the end it is the classic hat and draw cards. With the girl from the smart thermostat TADO we agreed that we must win, it must happen! The thermostat strictly fits into our showroom. Simply must. Together with Ondra we cheat a little bit and we throw into the hat a little more of our business cards. It is necessary to improve this competition from Karlovy Vary. Finally the girl draws. He has got about 30 cards and 10 LARX are within the hat, what we managed to sneak out there. Decent chance. The drawing lot is then clean and we have a little luck. The girl pulls out of the hat business card LARX, of course! Today we get the main prize of the exhibition which includes the price of 250 eur. That is amazing.

late afternoon – we do not know what to do first, I get a little bit tired, but there is no time for that. We are hungry. We come to the VIP business pavilion which is as big as Prague exhibition centre and is full of interesting people and good food. We talk each other, if they let us go inside. Me and Lukáš think that there is no way for that. I do not have any ticket or appropriate clothes. Ondra say that we can go. Nonsense, of course. Ondra puts his ticket to the tourniquet and it hear proper alarm. Then he runs away. I decide to take the advantage of the confusion and the same tourniquet I sneak like the deer. Lukáš goes right behind me. We are inside, hostesses gives us the right tags on the neck and ask who we are. I calmly pull out the business card, I put it in the bag and I say – it is ok, I have to go to the inside, thanks. in addiction of this, nice smile and it goes quite well. We wait for Ondra, he passes after a while too and I say to hostesses: He is my business partner, it is ok. And it is really ok. We go to eat. There are plenty of interesting companies and toys. But nobody does want to talk with us, we do not have the suit. Nevermind, we just try to make more talk and pull informations from them. Everywhere is the smart home. Much interesting for us! And also level  of hostess increases!

evening – visitors slowly leave CEBIT. We go back to the other beggars (normal visitors). tiredness rises, but there are so many incentives, there is no time to rest. I finally go along ARGO22 – unfortunately there is the client, so that it is the pity. It could have been a more party with them. I do not talk with them and keep going away. I get hungry. CEBIT is already empty and everybody pack. We look for where to eat, of course for free. Everywhere is nothing. It occurs to me – we have to get into a closed session. Everywhere there are various closed party. Yeah, but how to get there? Immediately in my mind, I will use the old trick. I will come to the reception  of that party and I say hello to the hostess. I do not understand the answer, but at the end there was the question mark. So I say sorry? Again, something about the ID and name … I think, that is great, now I have got where I wanted. I say my name is … and I point at exploded tags with names. Unlucky I point at just the name of Ali Abdulah from ACCENTURE, but at least it funny. the girl again says something about ID, maybe she wants some ID – I do not care. I am inside. I go for Ondra and Lukáš and as Ali Abdulah say at the entrance that belongs to me and that is ok. These sentences go quite well to me. We quickly eat and get out, than it comes the real Ali Abdulah.

late evening – with food increases appetite and we go around the other parties. We enter into the very interesting building, such the flying saucer, a lot of steps upwards. There is the doorman, turnstiles, but he let us go (I do not understand that so far). We go towards to the haven of the plate. Everywhere is just personnel. I start feeling the luxury dinner. We look for the bathroom, where we agree on the sovereignty procedure. We are going to have that luxury dinner and have no fear. Come on. I say to myself, that this is already too much. Boys enjoy it, I have always headed the shield in front of them. But we enjoy too. We are at dinner, the food is in front of us. I made only one mistake for all CEBIT – I ask the waitress whether we can still dine (she already cleans). She says no and who we are. I show tag of Ali Abdulah. She says that you can not stay here. So that maybe Ali Abdulah is the small animal I think by myself. Well, I say to the waitress that is ok, but we will drink at least beer. We have been sitting there for 20 minutes and we wait for mercy with food, but it does not come. The next day I get the information from David from ARGO that we got to the luxurious dinner yesterday, members of the Rotary Club – these are the most important people from all over Europe. If I knew this, I would not fearly get over that first gatekeeper. An Ignorance and a stupidity is sometimes an advantage.

night – we still get to the main party of SAP, where there is a lot of food and drink, although we look weird without the suit, but does not deny us to act and have fun like at home. Before the midnight we go to sleep, nowhere else than in the car. Normally the parking lot CEBIT. I have in the car tailored mattress except Lukáš, who must sleep in the front seat we sleep like in the hotel. We have not spent any euro for all day so far.


8.00 a.m. – we wake up and nobody wants. On the windshield we have a leaf that we have to pay 10 eur for parking. They want to send the account. Well, you know I am going to do.

9.00 a.m. – the gate is open. We go for the second day. Physically is very difficult, that we have enough in our legs. We discover another pavilion of startups – unbelievable. A lot of interesting things! We still speak in English with founders and we collect the feedback. We show to everybody our application for smart home, the measurement and the temperature regulation of residential building what we do. That feedback from common people have for us the incredible price!

afternoon – I have to hurry boys up, that  they can sleep at home in the Czech Republic or in the car. Our legs are painful. But we work, we walk missing startups. Finally we  get to know with David and Honza from ARGO. We discover another compatriots and spend more than hour by Czech Steve Wozniak – Lukáš from Plzeň. Unbelievably interesting man. He has the great product, but it lacks him Steve Jobs on the stand. Lovely hostess unfortunately will not save everything.

late afternoon – we return to ARGO. They complain that nobody visits them. I suggest to them that I can speak to Lukáš from ARGO so that he can borrow hostess to them and we measure conversion rates. here guys made the mistake that they went without any hostess.

evening – there is the announcement of best startups. We look forward to. It is the spectacular show, nothing more, nothing less. We do not understand results, I assessed that it was important to present well, than to have the good product. We walked around all startups and we knew a lot of informations about them. When they drawed the main prize – the trip for the week in San Francisco and the access to some accelerator in San Francisco, so that the representative of the winner did not come, I considered for a while that I will take over that instead of him. But that would have been enough, actually it would not have worked at all. But in overall the announcement  was great!

late evening – Lukáš from Plzeň got us to some party where it started quite well. Boys from ARGO went to sleep on the hotel unfortunately. We still had the task to eat something and to  take the rest just before coming back home. Achieved.

11.00 p.m. – departure, we pay 10 eur for the parking from wednesday. The journey is quite tough, but in the end very calm, at 5.00 a.m. we are in České Budějovice.I have the first important meeting at 10.00 a.m. In the morning. Finally those meetings were this day 6, but I died because of tiredness on friday afternoon.

Good JOB
the whole event! Thank you again guys from ARGO for the invitation!

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