CEBIT 2015 – our company on the trip

We work as much as possible in term of a area of smart homes (we prepare the showroom of the smart home in JVTP) and thanks to ARGO22 (we had from them free tickets), we decided to go to CEBIT. It is probably the biggest possible electronics exhibition in Europe. I was a little afraid of this event because of going with half of the company for 2 days and 3 nights to such a big event. It is far away by car (750 km from České Budějovice), what about the overnight, who will work the whole week in the company and what will impact on that … Well, finally it was absolutely the great decision and next year we are going to there again!

How to properly milk Google

I visited a good friend who can get from Google AdSense 1.5 million per month. And he invest into online business back.

He is very renowned in the online world, but I will not name him due to a backstage information. Details below. (more…)

Professional training at the City Hall of České Budějovice

On Thursday 12th february will give the lecture by the company LARX s.r.o at the city Hall of České Budějovice for non-profit organizations on the topic of internet marketing. It is the free accessible training, which is focused on non-profit organizations, which are the relatively unkissed marketing audience. At the end of the training me and my three colleagues from the company LARX s.r.o. make with selected organizations the workshop on their specific problems and requirements. All is free for non-profit organizations, we are glad, that we can do it good things and we want to support the nonprofit sector by the knowledge transfer in such an important area of our time – Internet marketing.


My present the road trip via USA – I am 30 years old this year

So I gave it to myself the huge present for the live’s milestone of this year, which is related to my 30th birthday – the journey via America during the summer of 2015. We go with my friends to travel the US, West Coast, Los Angeles, Vegas, Denver, National Parks maybe San Francisco … I look forward to as the small boy! The journey ends by the wedding of one of the friend with a local girl and it will be certainly the fun.