Today’s way of a real business

Today there is a large group of people who does not appear too much, it is mostly an elderly generation, which more or less manage by a piece of market on local sand. It can be real estate, traditional offline, market companies, a niche market offline, etc. These people under their influence, capital and know-how have power and access to informations, which (and of course experience) their influence is still develop. You call them something like rich sponsors in a good sense.

But technology and new time in some way may be dangerous or limit a growth of their business, if they do not detect soon. They have access to capital, know-how, influence, contacts, local knowledge of market , They have a good life and they will always earn some money. Thanks to knowledges and access to technologies,they could have achieved much more. Invest and engage innovations.

There is also a second group, which specializes in technologies, but it is useless, because they can not (does not have know-how, capital, appropriate efforts, etc.) actually do a business. This group has to look after by itself – work, consultation, work freelance or insignificant small business as a legal person on local sand, 5 employees, without any chance of real scale, but at least with a fact, that it generates a “meaningless” money. They change money for their time and when they want to learn from others how to do it. They devour informations and they try to learn (typically my case) from experienced businessmens. Those, who are able to understand and have an approach for it, then thanks to knowledges and technologies and a new era can be successful much more. They just have to jump from this rat race in time.

Then there is a third group of those who have a vision from the beginning and they keep going into business by themself, they are able to build on their own. These are the best (Čupr – Slevomat, Cendra – CDN77 etc.). It succeeds only one permille out of them. Others burn their business on a startup conference and replace in a better case burned money for instead of an experience.

Topic: I feel a significant demand for people from a second group, who capable of offline businessmens, who are not able to do online business or prosecute. But they have not understood, that there is really present time, which has not run by Pendolino, but by TGV. They do not want to share know-how, to offer shares in their company instead of a payment. They would rather choose a defensive strategy and a loss of positions, than they innovate and not just from a perspective of HR. And those of us, who do not accept it, we are going to do by ourself, than for someone just for a salary, they are essentially unsuccessful in the third group.

Solution: A journey is a destination. For a business success leads at least 2 skills. Stamina to keep working and an ability to educate, ideally identify business opportunities.

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